Anhydrous Ammonia

  • Chemical Formula : NH 3
  • UN No. : 1005
  • CAS Registry : 7664-41-7

AQUEOUS Ammonia (LIQUOR Ammonia)

  • Chemical Formula : NH 4OH
  • UN No. : 2672
  • CAS Registry : 1336-21-6


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Respected for their business values, the Ethos of Mysore Ammonia is focused on Quality and Safety while their large volumes drive down costs. As a result of this potent combination Mysore Ammonia safely deliver a Quality Product at a Competitive Price providing Quality Service to their customers while persistently striving for continuous improvement of these services. They have implemented quality management systems in every function to achieve efficiency and effectiveness

  • We provide Quality services to our Customers and aim for continuous improvement of these services.
  • We have implemented Quality Management System in every function to achieve efficiency.
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